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Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • How do I change the character of property acquired during the marriage?

    How do I change the character of property during my marriage? All assets acquired during the marriage are presumed community property subject to an equal division upon dissolution or legal separation. However, spouses may change property from community to separate or from separate to community property be entering into a transmutation agreement. However, to enter into these agreements, certain ...
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  • How can I obtain attorney's fees in a Ca Custody or Dissolution case?

    How can I get help from my spouse in paying my attorney’s fees in a Ca custody or dissolution case? The courts routinely order the payment of attorney’s fees in a Ca child custody or dissolution action based on a disparity in the incomes of the parties taking into consideration the following factors. First, under Family Code (FC) section 2030, the court is required to "ensure that each party has ...
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  • What is the difference between a lawyer and a paralegal?

    People often get the two confused regarding these two titles and based on this confusion, chose to hire a paralegal for an assumed lower price than hire an attorney for their Ca Family Law case. I am writing this article to clarify these positions and share a word of caution for those who are contemplating hiring a paralegal. Paralegals (document preparers), are required to complete a course in ...
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