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Blog Posts in February, 2013

  • What are the requirements to modify a child custody judgment in Ca?

    A judgment is presumed to be a final custody determination after either a contested trial or by stipulation. The purpose of a judgment is to bring a sense of finality to the custody aspect of the case after perhaps a series of pendente lite (pending litigation) visitation schedules that have been explored. However, some judgments are drafted to take into considerations certain future changes ...
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  • How to keep your attorney's fees down in a California Divorce.

    Over the years of practicing law, I have always made the following suggestions for clients to keep their cost down in the divorce case: 1) Sleep on it. Typically, clients call when something they perceive as traumatic has happened. Often, I encourage client to document whatever the event is and then wait until following day to make the determination on whether they still need to call the attorney ...
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