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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Spousal Support when High Income Earner has inflated Expenses

    When the court looks as a Spousal Support order, it looks at the parties’ respective needs and ability to pay support. It is the court’s desire to assist the lower income spouse to meet their monthly expenses but making a support order from the higher income spouse. However, there are times when the lower income spouse’s expenses were artificially inflated and the higher income spouse’s income is ...
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  • What are the requirements to terminate parental rights?

    At least once a month I receive a phone call from a parent who is interested in terminating the parental rights of the other parent for various reasons including but not limited to (other parent is in jail, never pays support, never visits the child or visits the child sporadically). The court will only terminate parental rights under very limited circumstances, James J. et al. Vs. Christopher M. ...
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  • How Much Will I Have to Pay in Child Support?

    The amount of child support that a parent will be required to pay will depend on various factors. The court can either approve a child support agreement reached between the parents, or it can decide the support amount using a statewide formula, or the state "guideline." In order to calculate the appropriate amount of child support, the court determines the net disposable income of each parent. ...
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  • How to Calculate Child Support

    You can use the state of California's Guideline Calculator to get an estimate of what your child support amount will likely be. It is important to remember that this is simply an estimate , and that is best to consult with a trained lawyer when determining how you may be affected by a child support order. Parents who are dealing with child support cases should be aware of how these support amounts ...
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  • Obtaining a Child Custody Order

    Parents oftentimes seek child custody as part of divorce decrees, though these matters may also be dealt with outside of the divorce process--such as when a child's unmarried parents split up. Parents may see physical custody (meaning the child lives with that parent) and/or legal custody (meaning that parent can make major decisions concerning the child's life). Furthermore, custody may be ...
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