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Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • Factors Considered by the Court When Evaluating a Child's Environment

    What factors do the Court consider in determine the stability of a child's environment? A common outcome in the early stages of child custody proceedings is that the Court is very inclined to maintain the status quo. That is, if the parties, prior to separation or litigation, have an established parenting plan, the Court will likely adopt that plan (with exception) as a temporary order pending ...
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  • Afraid of Going Back to Court for a Modification Order?

    The other parent keeps threatening to take me back to Court, what can I do to minimize or prevent this from happening? Often times I have clients provide with a mediation agreement or an Order After Hearing telling me they thought the case was done and that the orders they had were permanent orders. This is not the case. In fact, these initial orders are referred to as temporary orders that are ...
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  • What the Court Considers When Making Visitation Orders

    In California custody proceedings, is a parent's wealth or mental condition a factor in making child visitation orders? The short answer to this frequently asked question is a qualified "No". That is, if the other parent has a nicer house or drives a better car or each child has their own room or wears better clothes, this is not a factor the Court utilizes in making orders for custody and ...
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  • A Parent's Religion and Determining Child Custody

    Does my religious belief have any impact on my custody or visitation rights in a California child custody case? The issue comes up from time to time when one parent insists on having every Sunday so that they may take their children to his or her religious services. The Court will not make these types of orders nor will they evaluate one parent's religious belief over the other parent's belief. ...
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