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Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • Spousal Support & Visitation Rights

    Can I stop paying my spousal support if the other parent denies me visitation with my children? The Court has found that the deliberate rust ration of the other parent's visitation rights may be the basis for the termination of spousal support payments by the con-custodial parent. An example of this frustration includes, but is not limited to, the custodial parent moving out of state and secreting ...
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  • The Rights of the Natural Parents After an Adoption

    If my child is adopted, what are my rights as a natural mother or father? Visitation rights of a child's parents or former relatives are automatically terminated by the adoption of a child by a step-parent. However, the former grandparent of adopted child may still bring an action for visitation with the child over the objection of a natural parent and the new adoptive parent. The above only ...
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  • Previous Guardians and Visitation Rights

    I was previously a guardian of a child, but the parent has regained custody of the child. Do I have any rights to visitation with the child? Yes. The Court may grant visitation rights to former legal guardians of children. The visitation is normally reasonable and the Court must make a determination that the visitation is in the child's best interest. In addition, there must not be a pending ...
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  • Visitation Time and Deployment

    If my son/daughter is being deployed, can I exercise their visitation time on their behalf? This is a common occurrence as our armed services rotates troops and support staff around the country. The relocation of military personal normally requires a parent move a substantial from his or her primary residence and has a material effect on their ability to visit their child. The good news is that ...
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