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Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • How do I serve the other parent with my request for modification of the existing parenting plan?

    The answer depends on whether only temporary orders have been made (pre-judgment) or whether is a final order (post-judgment). If the matter is the former, service by mail is acceptable. If the matter is post-judgment, personal service is required unless the other parent completes and submits an address verification form that verifies that they mailed the documents to the right address. Under ...
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  • What are improper grounds to modify a child custody order?

    I can only provide a sample of the grounds (as there are many). The first primary improper grounds to modify an order is "unclean hands". That is, one party is just being difficult or unpleasant in either their actions or conduct. Examples could be chronic lateness to exchanges, driving too fast, not attending the children's school functions etc. An additional improper grounds to modify a custody ...
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