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Blog Posts in January, 2018

  • The minor' counsel appointed by the court appears not to like me. Can I have them removed?

    There is a very limited circumstances for which the Court can remove minor's counsel from a case. Keep in mind that the Court may have had significant input or appointed the particular minor's counsel that you are having issues with. To criticize the attorney is in essence criticizing the judge. A better approach is to argue your point to the court rather than get into a heated argument with ...
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  • Under What circumstances does the court typically appoint minor' counsel for my child?

    Some of the factors that the court considers on whether or not to appoint minor' counsel are; a) Highly contested or protracted custody & visitation issues; b) Child is subjected to stress as a result of dispute that might be alleviated by the intervention of counsel representing the child; c) Counsel could provide the court with relevant information not otherwise readily available or likely to be ...
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  • If the court appoints an attorney for my child, what powers does the attorney for my child have?

    Under Ca family code 3151(c), the child's counsel shall have the following rights: (1) Reasonable access to the child. (2) Standing to seek affirmative relief on behalf of the child. (3) Notice of any proceeding, and all phases of that proceeding, including a request for examination affecting the child. (4) The right to take any action that is available to a party to the proceeding, including, but ...
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