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  • How to keep your attorney's fees down in a California Divorce.

    Over the years of practicing law, I have always made the following suggestions for clients to keep their cost down in the divorce case: 1) Sleep on it. Typically, clients call when something they perceive as traumatic has happened. Often, I encourage client to document whatever the event is and then wait until following day to make the determination on whether they still need to call the attorney ...
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  • What do I do if the other side is acting unreasonably in a Ca Family Law Case?

    A sanction in the form of an award of attorney's fees may be imposed for a party's frustration of settlement and for employing tactics that increase the cost of litigation. In a recent case, IRMO Wahl vs. Perkins (2012), the parties divorced in 1999. In 2006, Wife filed a motion to modify the custodial orders in the judgment of dissolution. A child custody evaluator recommended that Husband be ...
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  • How can I obtain attorney's fees in a Ca Custody or Dissolution case?

    How can I get help from my spouse in paying my attorney’s fees in a Ca custody or dissolution case? The courts routinely order the payment of attorney’s fees in a Ca child custody or dissolution action based on a disparity in the incomes of the parties taking into consideration the following factors. First, under Family Code (FC) section 2030, the court is required to "ensure that each party has ...
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