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Does equal timeshare in a Ca child support case mean that I do not have to pay support?


One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is ""If I have a 50-50 timeshare with my child do I have to pay support? Timeshare is only one factor considered in a Ca child support case. The other factors include such factors as the parties’ income, filing status, medical insurance and child care expenses if any. The parties can have equal time but one party may make significantly more than the other party resulting in the higher earner paying child support to the lower earner.

In addition, one party may also claim the child/ren as a dependency exemptions on their income taxes. The party claiming the minor child/ren for income tax purposes will have additional income for which to pay child support. The reason for this is that the party claiming the child/ren will have a lower tax liability freeing up this money to pay support to the other party (assuming the parties have the same or similar income & timeshare).

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