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    • How can I get custody of my children?

      The court looks at child custody from the viewpoint of the best interests of the children. Generally, they want the both parents to be involved in the raising of their children. If one parent believes that they would best serve the children by having primary custody, establishing the reasons why to the court is extremely important.

      If there are any matters such as abuse, domestic violence, alcohol, drug use or illegal activities that could endanger the children, these matters must be brought to the attention of the court, with evidence that cannot easily be disputed. If you want to have primary custody of your child or children, we believe we can offer you the legal representation that will serve you best.

    • What is joint custody?
      In joint custody both parents share custody of the children. They spend some time at the home of each parent and children can be happy in this arrangement if it is established correctly and the agreements in place that will be adhered to.
    • What is primary custody?
      When one parent has primary custody the other parent will usually be given visitation rights. This could mean that the child or children spend weekends with the other parent and arrangements regarding holidays are also worked out so that each parent has access to the children on important holidays. Making agreements regarding these issues in advance can save you time and money. At my firm, I am committed to helping families avoid the high cost of a contested divorce whenever possible. When an agreement between the two cannot be made, I am aggressive in pursuing my client's wishes regarding custody in court.
    • What if my visitation rights are not being respected?
      There are cases in which one parent makes it hard to actually get access to the children in court ordered visitation times. These matters should be handled by my law firm, as the parent who is violating the court order could face legal repercussions if they continue to make it difficult for the visitation to take place. These cases often include a variety of reasons the other parent may offer: the child is sick, doesn't want to visit, has a school or sports event to attend among others. Don't let your parental rights be violated. Contact my firm for the help in getting the visitation with your children that you deserve.