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Helpful Hints In Hiring a Family Law Attorney


What should I consider in hiring an attorney for my family law case?
Many prospective clients are completely lost when knowing what questions to ask
or qualifications to look for in hiring a family law attorney. I have put
together some general considerations that I hope prove helpful in your quest:
1) Always check an attorney's profile on the State Bar website for any
misconduct committed by the attorney. The State Bar website is
. In the left column you are able to plug in the attorney's name in the search
bar. If any attorney has been disciplined, it will be listed under their contact
2) Check reviews on the attorney. In an age of information technology, a simple
Google search will pull up a variety of reviews for the lawyer.
3) Years in practice/Area of Specialization/Practice: It is important to hire an
attorney who has a minimum of 5 years of the practice of law. In addition,
family law is a unique area of law which is in a constant state of change. It is
imperative that find an attorney whose practice is limited to family law. Some
attorneys practice many areas of law which makes it highly unlikely they have
the updated knowledge and care to handle your case.
4) Familiarity with particular court: Let's face it, attorneys, over the
years,develop a particular reputation with the local judicial officers. It is
imperative that you find an experienced attorney who has experience with the
particular judicial officer assigned to your case.
For further tips on hiring an experienced family law attorney or if you need an
experienced family law attorney to help you with your case, contact Covina
Family Law attorney, Paul Eads today.

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