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How Much Will I Have to Pay in Child Support?


The amount of child support that a parent will be required to pay will depend on various factors. The court can either approve a child support agreement reached between the parents, or it can decide the support amount using a statewide formula, or the state "guideline." In order to calculate the appropriate amount of child support, the court determines the net disposable income of each parent. This is the amount of money that the parent has after taxes and other deductions are taken out of his or her paycheck. There also may be forms of supplemental income that are counted.

Once each parents' income is determined, the court will also consider a number of other factors when calculating the child support amount. Because each case will include different levels of income and different circumstances, child support amounts vary on a case-by-case basis. The more time a parent spends his or her child or children, the less child support that parent will likely be required to pay. In order to get an estimate of what your child support may amount to, you can try out the state of California's Guideline Calculator. It is important to remember that this is not a guaranteed amount, but only an estimate.

Child support can be very complex, which is why it is important to consult with a competent attorney when you are dealing with this type of family law matter. At my law firm, The Law Offices of Paul A. Eads, A.P.C., I help my clients understand what they can expect in their child support cases. I can also help them take steps to ensure that they receive fair child support orders. If you are looking for a qualified Covina divorce lawyer to assist you with your case, I encourage you to immediately contact my firm!

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