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What If Something is Unspecified in a Court Order


What Are Your Rights?

Neither parent, regardless of whether the specific circumstances require a joint decision, can make a decision to take an action lawful under legal custody that would interfere with the physical custody of the other parent UNLESS the action is expressly authorized by the Court. This means that if your visitation schedule is every other weekend from Friday at 3:00 pm to Monday return to school, the other parent could not enroll the child in a sport or activity on Saturdays that would conflict with your schedule.

Not Hesitate to Speak Up & Contact a Family Lawyer Immediately

It is important to safeguard and cherish your time with your child from the beginning. If you allow the other parent to run over you by enrolling your child in multiple activities (that you are opposed to but comply for whatever reason) that conflict with your custodial time, you may end up with a child not wanting to visit you as a teen because the relationship was not nurtured during these early years.

If you are having issues with the other parent enrolling your child in activities that conflict with your time or the other parent is being unreasonable in withholding their consent to enroll your child in an activity, contact Covina attorney Paul Eads today.

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