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Factors Considered by the Court When Evaluating a Child's Environment


What factors do the Court consider in determine the stability of a child's environment?

A common outcome in the early stages of child custody proceedings is that the Court is very inclined to maintain the status quo. That is, if the parties, prior to separation or litigation, have an established parenting plan, the Court will likely adopt that plan (with exception) as a temporary order pending further proceedings on the issue. The Court at times may deviate from the status quo say by modifying the drop off or pick up time, but will not upset the apple cart by making drastic changes. All things being equal, it is best for a child to follow their accustomed routine and environment if they are doing well rather than conducting experiments at the child's expense. Planning on separating or establishing a parenting plan, the best time to act starts way before going to Court. Contact the Law Offices of Paul Eads to discuss strategies you can implement to maximize your time with your child.

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