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How to Protect Your Children from Being Abducted by the Other Parent


I am concerned that the other parent will abscond with or abduct our child. What should I do?

Another concern that comes up by parents is a fear that the other parent will kidnap the child or take the child out of the country without the other parent's permission or consent. It may be the case where one parent is not a citizen of the US or has a large family in another state or another country. To guard against this from happening, the Court may make orders to safeguard the children from such abductions.

To make the determination whether safeguards are needed the Court looks at:

To determine whether there is a risk of abduction, the Court shall consider whether:

If you have a fear that the other parent may kidnap your child or take the child out of the state or country without your knowledge or consent, contact Covina family law attorney Paul Eads today and we can help you setup appropriate safeguards to minimize the chance of such conduct by the other parent.

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