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I am in the military and I am required to relocate periodically or even be deployed for periods of time, what are my custodial r


A parent's absence, relocation or failure to comply with custody or visitation orders shall not by itself be sufficient to modify a custody or visitation order if due to the parent's activation to military service or deployment out of state. The court does not want to punish a parent for serving his/her country and will make every effort to make sure that the military parent will have frequent and continuing contact with their children. To accommodate the military parent, the court may make orders for the children to have visitation in the new state that the parent has moved to. Alternatively, the court can place the existing parenting schedule on hold while the military parent is deployed or temporarily relocated. Again, if you are in the military and you may be moving or deployed, contact Covina attorney, Paul Eads today.

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