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CA Child Support Cases by District Attorney


In years past, Child Support Orders through the county were both obtained and enforced through a branch of the District Attorney. However, this is no longer the case, but there is now a centralized location in each county where child support orders are made, modified or enforced if the following two conditions are met: 1) A person seeking support is receiving public assistance from the state of or 2) a person is seeking a private order (made as part of their divorce or paternity case) enforced.

Any time a person files for Welfare or Cash Aid for the support of a minor child, the Child Support Services Department (CSSD) in the country the person resides in will open a case and seek the reimbursement of this aid through the other parent. The typical procedure for this is as follows:

1) Person seeks aid;

2) Child Support Services Department send the other parent a packet of paperwork including health insurance verification and to determine the other party's income. There is also a proposed judgment for support based on the income provided by the parent seeking aid.

3) The parent who receives the packet can accept the proposed judgment for support or they can file the income documents to determine if a lower amount of support will be asked for.

4) If the proposed judgment is accepted then support will start to be collected. If a parent disputes the income attribution, they can request a hearing.

It is imperative to have a competent and aggressive attorney to deal with CSSD and who is well versed in current changes in Ca Child Support laws. Contact Covina Family Law Attorney, Paul A. Eads today.

As for the private enforcement cases, anyone who has an existing support order can take the order to a CSSD office and request that they enforce the order. CSSD may take such actions as: bank levy, tax return intercept, revocation of driver's license etc. Again, it is imperative to have an attorney to help you alleviate these potential draconian means of collecting support. Contact Covina attorney, Paul Eads today.

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