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Can I be charged with contempt for not paying child support when I have been previously charged in a contempt proceeding involvi


The issue of multiple contempts came up in IRMO Rice & Easton (2012) whereby the court held that a party's repeated failure to pay his monthly obligation did not preclude the other party from filing a subsequent contempt of court for that parent's continued non-payment of support. In this case, father was delinquint in his child support obligation in excess of $96,000. Child Support Services Department brought a contempt of court action on wife's behalf for three months of non-payment of child support. Mother requested that additional contempt actions should have been brought for the several other months that father had not paid support and requested a continuance to permit this to happen. The end result was that mother was allowed to bring her contempt proceedings and was not precluded from doing so based on father's having just been prosecuted for non-payment of support.

Have you been served with paperwork for contempt of court for your non-payment of support and would like to talk to an attorney about what your options are? Are you tired of your former spouse or the other parent not paying their court-ordered support? Call Covina attorney, Paul Eads today and I can assist you defending a contempt of court action or assist you in getting the other parent to comply with the court's support orders today.

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