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Does Breast Feeding Impact a Father's Visitation Rights?


What is the Issue?

Another frequently raised issue is a father's frustration in having visitation with his child based on the other parent breast feeding the child and raising the issue that the child cannot spend the night at father's house because the child needs to breast feed. I believe the most extreme example of this that I have ever witnessed was a mother denying father visitation of a 4 year old child because the child had to breastfeed.

Courts Tend to Protect Visitation Rights

Unlike the gender preference (discussed in another blog), I have seen courts really put their foot down when it comes to this issue. That is, the court will encourage mother to pump her breast milk which can then be refrigerated at father's house so that he may have overnight visitation. I cannot stress the importance of father's to enroll in and complete a parenting class and take infant CPR both to save their child if the need arises as well as to really take the wind out of the sails of any restrictions mother may try to put on father's visitation.

Contact a Family Law Attorney

If you are a new father and want to preserve your rights to have custody/visitation of your child, call Covina attorney Paul Eads today.

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