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If the court appoints an attorney for my child, what is the responsibilities of that attorney to my child?


Ca family code 3151. (a) addresses this issue. FC 3151(a) states that the attorney for the child is charged with the representation of the child's best interests. The role of the child's counsel is to gather evidence that bears on the best interests of the child, and present that admissible evidence to the court in any manner appropriate for the counsel of a party. If the child so desires, the child's counsel shall present the child's wishes to the court. The counsel's duties, unless under the circumstances it is inappropriate to exercise the duty, include interviewing the child, reviewing the court files and all accessible relevant records available to both parties, and making any further investigations as the counsel considers necessary to ascertain evidence relevant to the custody or visitation hearings. Under no circumstances can the appointed attorney represent either party or provide them with legal advise. It may also be necessary to appoint more than one attorney for multiple children if there could potentially be a conflict of interest between two of the children's position.

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