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Pomona Courthouse Family Law Department: Department D


Department D of the Pomona courthouse is first courtroom as you exist the elevator.

As with the other departments, they may or may not open their doors at 8:30 a.m. Often if there are large lines of people outside waiting to get in the building, all of the courtrooms tend to open later. Commissioner Rocky L. Crabb is the judicial officer assigned to Department D. You must check in with the Bailiff with your calendar number and take a seat in the audience. Commissioner Rocky L. Crabb takes the bench at around 9:00 a.m. He starts off by calling the court calendar Ato see who is hear and who is not and if both sides are ready@. After calendar call, he typically calls short matters first, followed by attorney and interpreter matters. Rocky Crabb reads EVERYTHING in your paperwork and often summarizes your position when you approach the counsel table to let you know that he has read your file. Commissioner Crabb is very efficient in going through the cases in a quick and timely fashion and typically does not let the parties run on too long if they are talking about non-relevant matters. Commissioner Crabb rarely appoints Minor=s Counsel as it is presumed that the general public (if they opt to represent themselves) are as equally capable of acquiring and presenting evidence to the court and, as such, Minor=s Counsel should not be needed. Commissioner Crabb is by the book so be readily familiar with the rules of evidence and courtroom procedure. If you do not have the evidence (beer cans, text message, report card etc.) he will promptly shut you down. Rocky Crabb appears to be a celebrity as of late as there are various websites requesting that Rocky Crabb be removed from the bench for failing to protect children. I have not had such an experience with Commissioner Crabb. My only caution to you is that it is imperative to not go into Commissioner Crabb=s courtroom without the assistance of an experienced attorney if you can avoid it.

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