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Pomona Courthouse Family Law Department Updates


There have been some changes at the Pomona courthouse Family Law department in the last few years so I will be posting individual updates on each of the three Family Law judicial officers for 2017 as well as providing an overview of the Pomona courthouse in general.

The Pomona courthouse is located at 400 Civic Center Plaza Pomona, Ca 91766. Parking is available across the street for $8.00 or you may park on the street for free. Plan on arriving early as there is only one public entrance located on the East side of the building. Beware of the document preparer solicitors distributing fliers for legal services in front of the building. A frequent source of clients has been from people who have had their paperwork filed out incorrectly or relied on bad advise as to how to proceed in their case. All people entering the Pomona courthouse must pass through a metal detector so leave your lighters and perfume/cologne in the car as these items are prohibited. The filing window for Family Law is just past the metal detector and through the double doors. You may both obtain copies of paperwork previously filed with the court or file new paperwork with the Court. There are also form packets available for purchase for divorce, custody and restraining orders. For those attending mediation (Conciliation Court), you must exit the filing window area and go past the metal detectors to the end of the hallway and make a right. Mediation is the second door on the left. If you have a mediation appointment, grab a clip board and fill out the Petition for Conciliation that you will need to turn in prior to being seen. Mediation in Los Angeles in confidential which means that regardless of what transpires in mediation, the Court will not know what was said or whether one of the parties acted unreasonably or not. If you reach an agreement, the Court will receive a copy prior to your court date. However, if no agreement is reached, you will be given a blue or white sheet indicating that ANo agreement was reached@ which you will take with you to your court date. The typical format for mediation is that they normally see the party who filed the paperwork initiating the mediation appointment first to determine the basis for their request. They will then meet with the other party to discuss this plan with them and determine if they agree or not. If they disagree, they will find out why and they may meet with the first party again to see if they are agreeable to the counter-proposal or not. If they agree, they will write up the agreement and hand both sides a copy to take with them.

There are three Family Law courtrooms all of which are located on the 2nd floor. To get to the 2nd floor, you will need to take the elevators located near the metal detectors. The three Family Law departments are Departments B, C & D. In the upcoming weeks, I will delve into each department as to what you may expect on your court date and the differences between the judicial officers.

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