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What is the benefit of having a judgment (permanent order) for custody and visitation as opposed to a findings and order after h


The goal in a family law case is to obtain a judgment on the issues of custody and visitation. The reason being is that to change a judgment custody order requires a substantial change in circumstances which is a much higher burden than the best interest standard (which is the requirement in a pre-judgment order). The court has found that a change of school or work schedule does not meet this criteria nor does "switching sides to give the other parent the opportunity to take control of the children". That is, just the mere fact that the children are failing to perform under one parent's watch the reason to give custody to the other parent without an additional showing of how the other parent could address the children's shortcomings. If you have pre-judgment orders and need a permanent final order do you have the peace of mind of a final order, contact Covina attorney, Paul Eads today.

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