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Who is the new judicial officer in Department B in the Pomona courthouse?


As of August 2016, we have a new judicial officer for family law at the Pomona courthouse. Judge John Slawson is the newest addition to the Pomona courthouse. Judge Slawson previously was a family law judge at the Torrance courthouse. Judge Slawson takes the bench at approximately 8:45 am every day. He calls matters that have attorneys 1st which is a great cost-savings for people that hire attorneys. He will then take Pro Per (self-represented) litigants that have a full agreement. My experience with Judge Slawson over the years is that he is very fair, knowledgeable and allows litigants to express themselves within reason. One caveat is that once you file for a court hearing, Judge Slawson will set a Case Management Conference to keep your case on track to be resolved within the 3 year time frame. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact Covina Attorney, Paul Eads today.

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